Friday, November 30, 2012

Splish Splash

Down the rain came. Late November, but it was warm enough under the storm clouds that gathered over the city, keeping the heat of its inhabitants and industry in. Even the drops of rain that streamed down were not enough to chill those who headed out there with the intention of enjoying the experience. Separating them, with their squeals and shouts, jumping and splashing, from those who hurried along, avoiding puddles and grumbling about the weather...
boots1 Isolde and Vyl were most definitely in the former group. One called her new shoes gumboots, the other, wellies, but they had to be taken out for some fun and games, as soon as the first storm of autumn rolled in.
boots2 Waterproof and bouncy, they kept their feet dry, even though the rest of them was soaked to the skin by the rain. To those wrapped up in coats and hats, with umbrellas blowing about in the gale, this seemed like utter madness. Perhaps they still found, somewhere deep within, the spark of joy that came from youth, when they too had jumped in puddles, or it may have been smothered entirely over the years by a need to dress correctly, and not be silly. Those who still splished and splashed knew nothing of this little death. Joined suddenly in the rain by Mzzy, friend and wellymagnate, the three jumped for joy at the silliness of it all, cavorting through the rain.

Gumboots, Wellies, whatever you want to call them, these are great, and come in a mindboggling array of designs. Here we have L>R Black Arts, Squid and Pink Dots.
Each pair is MESH, costing L$99
You can find them on Marketplace here...
Or inworld here... 

Pose in 3rd pic : *MP* Jump! Pose L$ 159 

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