Sunday, December 18, 2011



More yummy new things! I adore this poncho and sweater combo created by 22769 which is currently at The Gallery Gift Store. The outfit includes shorts, however I do not display them in my picture but the wonderful chunky knit tights are part of the outfit and it has received many compliments whilst i've been wearing it. Hop down there and grab this totally unique creation while you can says I!

The skin is from Love and I simply have to gush about for it's totally flawless quality. There are different shades available and what is so lovely about it is that it really is a perfect flawless base in which to add your own make up. There are many make up options to choose from in store too so you'll have tons of fun choosing. I have picked a heavy eyeliner as I love pale lips and smoky eyes, however I have to add the range of eyeliner options is incredible and as such there'll be one to suit any taste. What better to frame my perfect eyes!

 I have a vast collection of eyes but I always find myself  coming back to the ones Aphotic Gloom and what's more Is I discovered a new range to add to my collection!! how excited was I?! really honestly do go take a look on what is available. What I love most about these eyes is that you have the option of sizes which is perfect for me as I always complain that the irises seem too big for my eyes so I always choose small, they come with prim eyes too for extra wow factor!

Hair: 300L -  Pebbles - Brunette > Fashionably dead
Skin: 600L - Emma - medium > Love
Eyeliner: 75L -  Momsen > Love
Eyes: 190L for pack of 4 - aquilius eyes - Anya > Aphotic Gloom
Top & tights: 190L - Poncho outfit (includes shorts not shown in this pic) by 22769@ >The Gallery Gift Shop
Shorts: 0L -  denim half shorts > Amato
Boots: 0L - luckyboard item >  Bukka
Pose: 175L for pack of 5 poses - Independently wealthy > Juxtapose

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