Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jaunty Guys

Despite his name Fritz was a cool dj. People danced to the music he choosed all over the world. After the parties he was normaly the first who was awake again. He didn't take drugs his drug was music.
22769 jaunty outfit 2
The Jaunty sale is will end at Saturday so its time to rush to get some of the outfits. Its a 49 Linden sale for items for guys. The one on the upper picture is from 22769. The shorts are colouful and look like being made of corduroy. The tanktop with the star comes on several layers.
22769 jaunty outfit 1
22769 sell two outfits in the jauntysale. The blue shirt with the capri jeans is the second. The shirt is elegant and easy at the same time. In my opinion its worth to get the outfit also just because of the shirt combined with elegant trousers it will work great to go on a date wearing it. The wrapped up sleeves are made of prims - the ones of the shirt and the trousers - and also the collar and the buttom of the shirt are made of prims. All those parts are mod.
american bazar jaunty sale
American Bazar put a beige shirt with jeans into the sale. The jeans look a bit torn and are shaded in a way which makes them look skintight at the upper part. The flares are sculpted. Of course the V-neck shirt comes on several layers.
jaunty ass
A:S:S put very short rubber jackets into the sale. They come with collar and cuffs made of prims. Those parts contain of course a resize script. Worn with pasties under them the jackets look also great on females.
jaunty ass all colours
The jacket is available in four colours in the sale. Burgundy, Black, Blue and Purple. It is amazing how well the designer manages to shade black items. I suppose that black and white items are really tricky to create because the colours easily look plain.
acid and mala jaunty sale shirt
Acid & Mala put a set of shirts into the sale. Those shirts are shaded for guys so they won't work on female avatars and have a flowerish skull on the front. The set includes the shirt in three shades of grey always with a skull in an other colour on the front.
acid and mala jaunty sale shirts
Star Tanktop and striped trousers: 22769 ~ Jaunty Outfit 2 49L$ Sale for Dudes (49 L$)
Blue shirt and Capri Jeans: 22769 ~ Jaunty Outfit 1 49L$ Sale for Dudes (49 L$)
Jeans and V-Neck shirt: [AmericanBazaar] 49Lsalefordudesmay (49 L$)
Rubber Jackets: A:S:S - Rubber jacket (available in Red, Black, Blue and Purple each 49 L$)
Skull Shirts: .:A&M:. Sugar Skull Tee - 49l Sale For Dudes (49 L$)

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