Saturday, May 28, 2011

[switching to ginger... and boobs]

Ever since my fellow blogger Dagmar introduced the "Switch your gender for 0 Linden"-challenge, I have been snooping around for nice looking items to create a female avatar, and here she is: Darla, the ginger-haired summer fairy - or at least that is what she reminded me of, even without wings.


The skin was easily found and is a prize of one of the 28 (!) Lucky Boards at Mother Goose's. Most of the skins you can win there are female, but the owner, Milok Hermit, always makes sure to have some male items around as well. Since I hardly ever like the pre-made shapes floating around on the grid, I made one on my own to match the skin, and you can scoop it up in the Eclectic Equations group for free. ::Umedama Holic:: was the provider of Darla's eyes; they have a really stunning, realistic look and seem to be a permanent freebie in store. Hairwise, Exile is the place to go to collect a wide variety of female (and male) styles for free, and they all come in fatpacks, too!


At *ICING* I discovered this pretty, summery dress for 0 L$, and there are two additional garments, shoes, and a couple of other freebies to be found in their "freebie wardrobe" in store. Joining the Maitreya subscribo will bless you with a fatpack of the lovely pumps Darla is wearing, and last, but not least, the marketplace helped me with the accessoires: the light-pink nailpolish is a gift from BabyPrincess, and the subtle looking pearl necklace an offer from Curious Kitties!

Skin: .::Mother Goose's::. - HENA(2) (Lucky Board prize)
Hair: Exile - Ali (free fatpack in store)
Eyes: ::UH:: - GemStone eye G04 (free in store)
Shape: [EE] Darla for Mother Goose's HENA (2) (free in the notice archive)

Dress: *ICING* - Pizzicato Poppies (free in store)
Shoes: Maitreya - Group Gift Pumps (free fatpack when joining the subscribo)
Necklace: *C:K* - Simple Pearl Necklace (free at the marketplace)
Nailpolish: BabyPrincess - Pink nails (free at the marketplace)

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