Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fashion by accident


Well todays post is inspired by a little mishap I had it SL yesterday (see my plurk link for details) and In this post I have overloaded on various textures but I still think it works. For me having everything so colour matched and co-ordinated often doesn't seem right. I love an eclectic mix, so lucky for me that that many styles at the moment embrace that, so what if your footwear doesn't match your handbag? so what if textures and colours clash? it may not work for you but there may be elements of the look that might do.

 If you're confident about what you wear that comes across, if you've heard the statement "it's not what you wear it's how you wear it" then you'll know what I mean. I'm sure you'll all know someone that just seems to be able to throw anything on, even if it does break many fashion rules and still look amazing gah! to them hehe but this is SL so have fun with it! Oh and by the way the top & shorts is a little preview of an amazing outfit you'll be able to pick up in the Depraved summer nights hunt which starts 1st June, but it's a good excuse to check out the cute items in store beforehand.

Skin: 0L luckychair - Lae skin > The oBscene
Hair: 0L - luckyboard > KMH
Hat: Was a previous group gift but other Fedoras can be bought here for a little as 68L > Oompa
Top & shorts: 0L depraved summer nights hunt gift ( hunt starts 1st June)  > AMERICAN BAZAAR
Scarf: 0L pch hunt item > Kucinta
Bracelets : 100L pair of black leather bracelets > Legit
Belt: 185L Deco knot belt - silver > Eclectica
Boots:199L  do se do cowboy boots > Le Poppycock
Doughnut: 0L luckyboard item > DownDownDown

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