Friday, July 22, 2011


Amunent was proud. Not as proud as she could have been but proud. It was not really surprising as she was the most important priestess in the whole land. She served Isis nearly her whole life. First she still had lived with her family and went to the temple every day. But since she was eight years old she lived in the temple. Her grandmother had been the high priestess of Isis and Amunent was supposed to have the same position one day. Of course she needed to pass the test. But she did very well. The moonplate started to glow as soon as she was wearing the holy headdress.
Isis horns I
The idea to create horns which look like the ones Isis has is great in my opinion. These horns have been created by gilded. They could be worn with or without the pearlheaddress. The moon between the horns glows. As the horns are mod it is possible to change their size or to tint them. The outfit on the pictures comes from Ezura. I blogged the black version some time ago. This is the white tintable version of it.

Horns: gilded: Tintable Isis Horns and Headdress (250 L$)
Outfit: + eX + Avant Garde E.T. Outfit *White Set (308 L$)

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  1. OH!! i'm so pleased you blogged this I totally adore it <3 <3