Sunday, July 17, 2011

Unicorn Plague

Daewyn was surprised when suddenly an unicorn appeared in front of him. He had seen something white walk through the gras but he thought it would be a very big sheep. But then it stood in front of him. The hooves making nearly now sounds. The animal seemed to glow. And it walked closer to Daewyn bowing its head in front of him. Daewyn did not know what else to do than starting to stroke the head of the unicorn. Caressing its fur playing with streaks of its mane. He was surprised how much he liked the feeling he had when stroking the unicorn.
The unicorn and the gold boot warrior
Daewyn had heared about unicorns but he supposed that they would not exist anymore. He had learened that they would be as mystical creatures as Dodos. So being curious he started to read and then he started to blush. Although the skin of his kin was dark and covered with scales he knew that his cheeks were glowing like a fire in the middle of the night. It had felt good to stroke the unicorn but he knew that if anybody would see it with him that person would know the secret he was hiding for ages. Daewyn was virgin.
Elf in golden boots
It was hard enough that some people laughed about his love for well made battle boots. He had more than one pair of boots, which made him to a collector of boots in their opinion, as a
decent warrior was supposed to have only one pair of boots. Nobody cared about the fact that he was the only guy in the army who had no athlete's foot. They prefered to laugh about the three pairs of boots he owned. And now they would know that he was a virgin. Daewyn hoped that the unicorn would not visit him again. But the unicorn did not share his hopes. It visited him again as virgins were rare and it liked being stroked. Of course he had not planed to be a virgin. Being very young when joining the army it was difficult to meet decent women while he was traveling from battle to battle. He could have gone to prostitutes as the other soldiers but in his opinion this was wrong.
gold boot with unicorn
Daewyn was desperate. Being proud he did not want to be mocked at by his companions but the unicorn started to come around everyday. When one of the other soldiers found footsteps of it, Daewyn decided to leave the army. His plans were to go back to his lair supposing that the unicorn would not follow him to the cold north. So he quit the army. He was not to sad about having to do that. He had been much longer in the army than he had planed anyways and only because he enjoyed the fighting so much. So he went on the journey to get home again. But of course the unicorn followed him. In the following time it caused a lot of trouble especially when Daewyn talked to women he liked.
Virgin Elfwarrior
The Niberath boots from Wasabi Pills come in a set which contains them in three colours. They are well sculpted and have of course an resize script. It is amazing how martial and beautiful they look at the same time. But this is a general attribute of all the armours from Wasabi Pills. When looking closer at the boots the little flourish decorations are seeable which have been carved into them. For the pictures I combined the boots with parts of the white death armour and the Thalion hair from the same store. The unicorn is available at Studio Sidhe. It comes with several inbuild poses but it is also possible to use it just as an element of a picture.
wasabi pills boots

Boots: /Wasabi Pills/ Niberath Boots (250 L$)
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