Sunday, July 17, 2011

The gallery gift shop

There are so many great  themed events going on in SL & I often wonder  how people just know about these things, more often than not I just happen to find out by chance & so when I do I want to share it. Well here are a couple of my finds, firstly I want to mention the eyes aren't they amazing! well they're from Sterling Artistry (yes Dagmars favourite eye store) which have a weekly deal offering a pair of eyes for 10L, so this particular pair won't be around long but you'll be sure to pick up another equally wonderful pair for a bargain price.

Next is The Gallery gift shop, where a whole load of designers/ artists display their goods which gets rotated on a monthly basis. There is a whole host of different things there and  you won't find them in the sellers own stores. I especially like this outfit from 22769 (male version available too) in particular the cuffs, I love that kind of detail!

Then last but not least the seasons hunt i'm sure you're all well aware of this one (you're looking  for a shark), I've been waiting to do this hunt with a lovely friend but we keep missing each other, so I sneakily picked up a couple of the hunt items already, shhh don't tell her! anyway please check this link for the store listings & landmarks. Have fun....

Skin: 0L - luckyboard item - Namhee > Mother Goose's
Eyes: 10L -  mystery eyes - enigmatic gray > Sterling artistry
Eye makeup: 0L  The Seasons hunt item > Cheap makeup
Hat: 0L - The Seasons hunt item > NuDoLu
Hair: 225L - Bunny - Babelicious brunettes > Sugarsmack
outfit:120L - Denim skirt outfit > 22769
Bag: 0L The seasons hunt item > Berries Inc

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