Thursday, July 21, 2011

And finally I get to blog.....

I've had a few things lurking in my inventory for a while that I wanted to blog, however I've either not fund the right outfit to wear it with etc. On this occasion it was the tattoo mostly, I've sifted through my poses and never stumbled across one that shows my back sufficiently well enough to show the tattoo.

Well when I managed to convince my dear friend Fooki into posing for some pics with me I thought it the perfect opportunity to use the couples pose that I picked up at the perfect couples hunt, but sadly that hunt is long gone so the pose is no longer available, however I do love Magnifiques poses and there are some really amazing couples poses in store so it's worth a look.

More pics to come in which I convince Fooki to pose (well he is good to look at afterall). Love these boardy denims which I've had for ages! I'm glad to see they are still available too, great detailing for realistic looking denim & I do so love Boho's stuff!

Tattoo: 0L - group gift - geisha tattoo > IrEn
Shorts: 125L - Long weekend board shorts - Original denim > Boho
Pose: Previous hunt item (tsk just when I get someone to pose with me the blinkin hunt is over!) similar fantastic poses available > Magnifique poses

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