Sunday, May 4, 2014

Fantasy Faire 2014 - Twilight Huntress

The most dangerous beast come out to hunt at twilight. She knew that since she had been born. Her mother taught her well. The noises, the smells, the slight changes in the air ... foreboding and also forewarning signs for a huntress. She prickled her ears. Could that be... an Amphisbaena? No, she should have heard some soft hissing if it were. And those shadows? Just some tree branches, or... were they antlers? Maybe a Peryton...? She took a deep breath and began her long and patient stalking after the magnificient creature.

Fantasy Faire 2014 - Twilight Huntress
The list of designers participating at this year's Fantasy Faire is more than impressive, and a pleasure to read... so many old friends and acquaintances, and so many new creators that all offer their lovingly crafted pieces for a good cause!

Dress: Red Queen "Lioness" by The Library - RFL donation item available at Hope's Horizon (300 L$). I knew of the Medieval and fantasy dresses designed by Dreamfantasia Nightfire but (shame on me...) this is the first time I've ever bought one of her works.
Mask: Gold "Alato" Mask by Illusions - RFL donation item available at Sanctum (95 L$). Another beautiful piece by The Mask Lady, Siyu Suen.
Necklace: "Nyx" in Gunmetal by Sax Shepherd Designs - part of the Nyx fantasy jewellery set available at Hope's Horizon (499 L$). Thank you for the blogger pack, Sax, I didn't know your art went well beyond those lovely shoes... shame on me, again.
Skin: The Plastik - Astrali "Orion" by The Plastik. This set of skins is not a RFL donation item, but in the shop of The Plastik at The Faery Court you can admire (and, of course, buy) the new Asaia skins, designed just for the Faire. Vae, aka Aikea Rieko also offers you the Vynn Horns, the Malei Earrings and the Lys Circlets, each and every piece being created with amazing art and care.
Horns: Chained Horns in Black by LaNoirSoleil - RFL donation item available at Wiggenstead Mooring (247 L$). Caresia, thank you so much for the wonderful goodies, I'm sure I'm going to be a horned SL being for a long time! LNS is a recent discovery for me, and I'm already a fan of your headpieces.
Hair:"Mientje" in Black by Mina Hair - 250 L$ for a fatpack of 5 different black shades.
Eyes: Dragon Eyes "Golden Sight" by Sterling Artistry (85 L$). Silverr Andel has been absent from SL for quite a while, and he's not attending the Faire either... which is a great loss for all of us.
Staff: Aura Staff in Gold by The Forge - gacha prize (50 L$ per play). The staff is not among the RFL items, but it is worth checking out the shop of The Forge at Asperatus for some other awesome pieces.
Pose: RFL Pose 2 by Musa (shown here without the glowing orbs that also make part of the pose pack) - RFL donation item available at Sanctum (80 L$). Filomena, thank you for the blogger pack, I always use your poses with pleasure!

The picture was taken at Mourningvale Thicket.

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