Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fantasy Faire 2014 - The Wind In Her Hair

Míwil Delimbiyra adored flying. She could never understand her elven brothers and sisters who always opted for a much more traditional way of transportation... walking on the ground. Maybe because they were actually her half-brothers and half-sisters, Míwil's mother being a fairy, a light, fragile, fluttering creature who couldn't stand the dark woods and one day simply disappeared? Míwil mourned her mother for years... then, one day, she discovered the beauty of flying. The wind in her hair... the feeling of freedom. "Thank you, Mother..." - she thought and soared up in the cool night air, towards the full moon and the stars.

Fantasy Faire 2014 - The Wind In Her Hair

Dress: "Evelyn" in Aqua by Les Encantades. Anouk Haiku and her brand, Les Encantades, are another new discovery at the Fantasy Faire. When I first arrived to her shop I couldn't believe my eyes: the gowns and outfits were beautiful, available in lovely gem colours with very pretty detailing, and the prices were more than reasonable... so I started shopping with a certain frenzy, I must say. :) The gown I'm showing you here is available in the main shop only, but "Les Encantades" has some beautiful RLF donation items in one of the cheerful little huts at Wiggenstead Mooring - pay a visit there, and pick up either the "Giulietta" gown in Ruby, or "Edda" in Summer, in order to donate to RLF (200 L$ each).
Necklace and tiara: "Gilgalad" by Bliensen + Mai Tai - available at their shop at The Faery Court (349 L$ each, with a colour change HUD). To me, Bliensen + Mai Tai was "the shop with the cute pug in their logo" ...until now, when I discovered the delicate and beautiful fantasy jewellery offered by Plurabelle Laszlo at the Faire. Plurabelle, thank you for the goodies, you've stunned me!
Skin: The Plastik - Astrali "Io" by The Plastik, blogged here.
Ears: "Young Elven Ears" by 22769 - a goodie from last year's Fantasy Faire.
Tattoo: "Tribalien Tattoo" in Minimal by LaNoirSoleil - available in their shop at Wiggenstead Mooring during the Fantasy Faire (74 L$).
Antlers: "Springtime Antlers" by LaNoirSoleil - these flowery antlers (that come together with a HUD that allows you to adjust the colour of the antlers, the beads and the flowers as well) will be available soon at a new event called "Kensington Gardens", where LaNoirSoleil will be one of the three guest designers. The event opened on May 7th. I know the FF is keeping you busy, but yet... hop over there for a short visit,
Hair: "Roosje" in Light Brown by Mina Hair - this hair fatpack is a special gift from the currently running Enchantment event. In order to get it you have to purchase one item from the participating designers, then visit the other shops to have your special gift card stamped... for the hows and whys, please visit the event homepage where you find the accurate and detailed instructions. Thank you for your understanding. :)
Eyes: Dragon Eyes "Blue Shards" by Sterling Artistry (85 L$).
Pose: Fantasy Pose 44 by Musa, available in The Sanctum at the Fantasy Faire (30 L$ for a single pose, and 200 L$ for a fatpack of 10 poses).

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