Friday, April 8, 2011

The mermaids kiss

Illivara lived in the deepest depth of the ocean. For the humans the race she belonged to was a myth. They belived in mermaids but in their simple human minds mermaids were blonde and singing beings. Illivara would have laughed about these ideas, if she would have been able to laugh. There were indeed some jolly and nice mermaids in the oceans eager to meet a human prince, which would take them home in his wonderful castle. Those mermaids dreamed of having legs and feet. Sometimes a prince was stupid enough to fall in love for one of them. But his feelings normaly stopped after the first kiss, when he got transformed into a mermen.
Free mermaid 2
The dark merrows Illivara belonged to hated humans. They prayed to ancient gods hopeing that those would help them to transform all humans into merrows. The dark merrows took also care that humans would not find out about the kiss thing. For that they hunted all transformed humans. First they killed them but then they got a much better idea. All those former humans were forced to work. They had to put pearls into shells. Those attracted even more humans which got transformed. Illivara liked working plans.
Free mermaid 1
This outfit is a freebie from the fantasy faire. It contains not only the mermaidoutfit. The skin and the ears belong also to the set. And for mermaids very important there is also a mermaid ao in the set. The set works on males and females. The fins are all very pretty. The ears are jagged and fit perfectly to the skin. It is also possible to use the skin to roleplay as drow with it.

Outfit: -Lost In Starnight-Promo Package 'Merfolk'-(0$)

The mainstore of Lost in Starnight is at Royal Island.


  1. Hehe, Ethie here! Creator of this tail. Dagmar sure surprised me with this blog item! Never been blogged before i think, so this is a first and a great honor <3 I think the pictures are stunning! Great story too. Thank you so much, i really hope many people like my package and convinces them to join us for some fun under the waves. Our community is too much fun.

    Ethereal Faerye

  2. Dagmar, great post .. and yes .. they looked perfect on male avatars as well :-))

  3. Actually Shangraloo Kuhn blogged this 1st she is a mer fiend :-)