Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bloody Drummer

Spending some time with playing the drums as wild and fast as i could. And even jumping a little on the stool. The drums and the scar are some more gifts in the beat clash hunt. The drums are made quite well. The drumset has only 12 prims, the stool has two thats not much. They come with drumsticks. Its possible to change the animation by clicking on the stool. The hair is from the item camp at A*S. They come with a resize script. The bloody jeans are in the midnight mania board at Meat 'N' More. Storm blogged the shoes yesterday. They are too big for women.
Drums: "ROSSO+" DrumKits for BC322 BCH2 (0 Linden Beat Clash Hunt)
Shoes: *BC322 - Dirty Superstar (0 Linden Beat Clash Hunt)
Trousers: Meat 'N' More - Accident
T-shirt: [aRAWRa] Robot Rock Shirt Freebie for FTLO Hunt (0 Linden groupgift in the for the love of group)
Hair: A*S Hair 023 (Limited Color) (10 Mins item camp)


  1. Awww, I didn't keep your lovely porcelain feet in mind, Dagmar! <3

  2. Oh you just made me blush. But those shoes are really a bit to big for women.