Thursday, August 26, 2010

[the hairy truth]

As all of you might know by now, Truth is having a 50%-off-sale until the 3rd of September. That means colourpacks are 125 L$ and fatpacks 500 L$, which is actually a great deal considering the beautiful look and awesome quality of those wigs. XStreet is excluded from the sale, but if lag catches up on you or the mainstore is too crowded, you can always move over to the adjoining sim "Truth Hair II" for a more relaxed shopping experience.

Mostly known amongst the female population, Truth also offers a variety of male styles, but it isn't my intention to show you those - my goal in this post is rather to point out the possibilty that female hair can actually look awesome on us dudes - and we all know how har dit can be to find some decent looking, longer hair, for example. So here we go!

Truth - Joanna

"Joanna" is a shorter, messy style whose bangs are held back by hairclips, but those are easily made invisible due to the possibility of modding the hair.

Truth - Nora

"Nora" is my all time favourite pony-tail, a loose braid that sits deep in the neck and that appears a bit wind-tousled, considering the single curls that have escaped and frame the face in a smooth fashion.

Truth - Marissa

"Marissa" is a long, almost angelic looking style whose tight, cork-screwy locks reach down to the chest in soft waves that move nicely due to their flexi elements.

Truth -Tilly

"Tilly" is a faux mohawk with longer bangs and some single tresses tucked back behind the ears. The white streaks shown in the picture are colour-changeable via menu, but the packs also contain a streakless version of each shade.

Truth - Larissa

"Larissa" captivates with its sleek and straight tresses that fall down to the middle of the back and over the shoulder to the chest.

Go here to fill your shopping bags, guys!


  1. Whoa... who's that butch guy in the last post? Introduce me? ^^

  2. I would introduce you if i would know which one the butch guy is.

  3. Haha, that is uh... *coughs* a very close friend of mine. Yes. That he is. *snickers and invites Phos and Dagmar to meet him at tea time*