Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rainy afternoon

It was raining all the time in the afternoon. So i spend some time painting.So i lay on my stomach and wagged my feet while painting.
From time to time i changed my position.
I even found a painting book and crayoned it in. But then i lost balance. And fell down.
I hurt my foot badly. So i prefered then to stay on the floor.
The Crayon Artiste poses are the latest release from no strings attached. The set contains 5 attachable sketchbooks all with a different pose and a crayon for the hand. The pose on the last picture normaly has both feet on the floor but because of the cast the leg was straightened. The sketchbook changes the texture on touch. Its a really nice set.
The earrings are the latest release from womens dreamy body shop. They are tearshaped diamond earrings.

Pose: 'NSA' - Crayon Artiste (50 Linden in a taste of SL)
Earrings: WDB Teardrop Crystal Earrings (85 Linden)
Trousers: 22769 basic red boardshorts (10 Linden)
T-shirt: .:it's Cake:. Center of the Universe (0 Linden for the love of science hunt)

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