Sunday, August 22, 2010

Burn the street

Standing in the desert and looking helpless. Hopefully a strong man comes around and repairs the car and avoids questions like "why are you in lingerie in the desert". The hot rod is from KAMIKAZE. I think its a japanese store for cars. They even have a lucky chair with hot rod trucks there. I managed to win this red black one.
The cars are even able to fly. Then the tires rotate and release kind of rocketstreams.
All the hot rods come with a bottle of beer and a hud. With the hud you could choose if the car should fly or drive. You also could light the flames like on the picture above with the hud. There is also a button for a burnout.
I found the cars easy to drive so driving lessons are not really needed. But of course it always helps a bit to get some instructions from somebody who knows best.
Purple hotrod: KAMIKAZE_SPEED_ROD_Roadstar_Drag_(P) V4.2 (1234 Linden)
Hot rod truck: KAMIKAZE SPEED HotRod Pickup(Black2)V3.8 (0 Linden Lucky chair)

Lingerie on the first picture: ISSD Summer Hunt - Blacklace Lingerie (0 Linden)

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