Wednesday, August 25, 2010



Up, up, and away.

Since we're done with basics, I'm moving on to find little out-of-the way stores that feel like best-kept secrets. Also, we'll be hitting up the foreign side of SL--the non-English areas that feature great deals you never know about, because frankly, how could you?

We like to work hard for you here.

Dollipops has an opening gift at their store on Second Style Island, consisting of three cute poses with balloons. Stop by to pick them up.

The clothes I'm wearing today are from Awram-viie. Above their store is their outlet, Wave, where you'll find dollarbies, freebies, and more reasonably priced clothing.

I love the brown quilt jacket. It's exactly like a vest I have irl and it's SO cute and shiny.

Are you making a new character? Want some cute additions to your closet but don't have a lot to spend? Then you must shop there. They have men's and unisex items, too!

Jacket: Quilt Jacket Brown, Wave, 0L
Shirt: Underwear Light Pink, Wave, 0L
Pants: Pant 01 Gray, Wave, 0L
Shoes: Dark Star High-tops (Xstreet), 0L
Poses: Dollipops OMGift!, 0L

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