Tuesday, August 24, 2010

steppin' out

Dagmar was supposed to show me some Fred Astaire moves today but I wasn't sure if I was up for it because I'm not a very good dancer. The fancy footwork got my adrenaline pumping and by the end of the photoshoot I was much more confident. The corsets are from Phoenix Rising and they are currently having a L$100 Closing Sale that you may want to take advantage of. Wearing lingerie while dancing gave us much better mobility.
I got the hang of it but I noticed...
..something was on Dagmar's eye.
I took a closer look as she told me the story of how she got the scar. So I told her that it was okay, because I have scales around my eyes and wonder if I am part reptilian.
After examining each other carefully, we decided that it should be nothing to worry about as it didn't affect our dance moves at all. But our feet were killing us by the end so we decided to take a long break instead.
Dagmar and Xelyn are wearing:
Lingerie: -Phoenix Rising- Tainted Corset (Gold)
Hair Ornaments/Fascinators: .:XX:. Millinery - Pewter Rose
Cane, tophat, & poses: No Strings Attached Fred Astaire (HWoF Hunt)

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