Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Takumi Treasure Hunt

Sitting and home and trying to choose between all the shoes i found on the takumi treasure hunt. For example those flats. They come with a colourchange hud and cute butterflys or pencils on them.
Left: +:::+Natural+:::+Flat_Butterfly_6C (0 Linden Takumi Treasure hunt)
Right: +:::+Natural+:::+Flat_Pen_6C (0 Linden Takumi Treasure hunt)

I also found some nice clothes in the hunt. I really like the white t-shirt and the capri jeans. One of the hunt items was a viewer2 cleavage enhancer.

Hair: :Liriope: wing (0 Linden Takumi Treasure hunt)
Bra: BraTop_TANIMAX_HeartBlue (0 Linden Takumi Treasure hunt)
Caprijeans: 529 : LowRISE_Denim_Gacchapin (0 Linden Takumi Treasure hunt)
Top: *CKnife* Trumpet sleeve topps 2 (yellow) (0 Linden Takumi Treasure hunt)
Jeans: >>>Poison<<< Pioj@_jeans (0 Linden Midnight mania)
Right: P&P : TREASUREBOX/15-1/2 (0 Linden Midnight mania)
Cleavage: POZA MART: Maxi_cleavage_set_Tattoo_V1TH

One of the stores at the

Skin: Eg0!sT!c//Kana (0 Linden Takumi Treasure hunt)

The hunt was exhausting and im still not completly done with it but i wanted to have a rest so i spend some time lying in the gras.

Tree: **mino'aka**HUNT (0 Linden Takumi Treasure hunt)
Outfit: A.M.K.R *R* Yukata (Giraffe) (0 Linden)

In the hunt you search for pink treasureboxes. They are hidden all around 7 sims. 52 Stores take part in the hunt. This is a slurl to a sign which gives out some more information about the hunt.

I like to thank Setsuna Infinity who was so kind and helped me after i messed up my inventory so that i managed to find out where the items on the pictures i took are from.

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