Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beat Clash Hunt

Running through the streets in a kimono i just found and jumping from time to time because of being rather glad of having found it. The kimono is one of the two hunt items form A.M.K.R in the Beat Clash hunt. The hunt started today and will end at the 31th August. It takes place at Sinners Heaven and stores like Black Maria, BC 322 or deviant girls take part in the hunt. There are kind of money bags hidden all over the sim. Some are just a fake others give you great gifts like the kimono on the picture.

Its a short military kimono and comes with two different obis. It has lots of small details like cuffs and buttons. The headpiece does not belong to the hunt item its from .:XX:. Millinery.
Kimono: A.M.K.R "BCH" KIMONO (0 Linden Hunt item)
Headpiece: .:XX:. Millinery ~ Fascinator ~ Onyx Egg Trio (98 Linden)
Boots: -Perse- Pursay Boots Beiges (329 Linden or 140 Linden if you are a subscriber for more than 14 days)

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