Tuesday, August 24, 2010

[a dish best served cold]

They'd tracked him down a few nights ago, when he'd been on his way home... unarmed for the first time ever since he'd made this city his home. Their fists and the baseball bat's cruel-cold kiss had pretty much reassured him they didn't like external interferences when it came to their business as he'd been lying on the back alley's dirty concrete, his face beaten beyond recognition and his body left to die.


Yet, destiny decided to let him survive... and now he was back. The colourful marks of their brutality were still visible on his features, but the hat brim's shadow and the weak illumination that casted flickering rays of golden light through the alley's billowing fog would hide his battered visage long enough to let him claim his revenge...


This adorable hair with hat is an instore freebie from CriCri - just use the attached SLURL and follow the beacon until you can spot the goodie-bag on top of a column. The style is resizable via script, and you can pick your hair colour on click as well (8 different shades).

Hair: CriCri -mHat01-ver2 (instore freebie)
Skin: .::CStar::. Jarl Skin (old huntgift)
Outfit: so what? ++black suit (only on XStreet)


  1. I love the pictures. If you need help i have a tommy gun.

  2. Thanks Dagmar, I'll come back to you for sure! <3