Monday, August 23, 2010

Clown for a day

A clown preparing for the show by jumping through the gras to warmup herself. She allready has some nasty plans like stealing all the popcorn from the audience. The skin and the outfit are from an other Store named KamiKaze so when trying to look have a look at the outfit i suddenly saw a walking hot rod (well that didn`t happen i choosed the right items to wear but it could have happened). The skin has some black tears on it. The picture on the chest isn t a tattoo it is on the skin. The outfit comes with resizeable primparts. The pasties have patterns also cards in a card game have. A cane and a hat finish the outfit.
Skin: KamiKaze - Skin Circus - Special Edition (0 Linden Midnight Mania)
Outfit: KamiKaze - Sweet Jocker - Outfit (0 Linden Midnight Mania)

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