Sunday, March 20, 2011

Boho chic

I adore maxi dresses and I find this one from Vera Modera delightful. It ticks all the boxes of what a maxi dress should be for me, but there are so many interpretations of the maxi dress, that i'm sure most people have their own personal preference. Ultimately what I love about maxi dresses, is their versatility.    They can so easily be dressed up or down. So for example here I am wearing a scarf and sandals, for a lovely casual yet chic daytime look, but alternatively you could team it with some wonderful jewelry, heels and and possibly even a bolero jacket for a glamorous evening look. Either way it's statement piece for any occasion.... well perhaps if you were going jet skiing, you might want to tuck it into your knickers!

Dress: L$200 Flora red silk dress  > Vero Modero
Scarf: L$100 at The Help Japan fundraiser > Deviant girls
Hair: Free group gift > Diva

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