Monday, March 21, 2011

Suiting menssuit

Going for a walk before having to head back to an important event. And of course wearing a suit.
fashion for life suit
M Design takes part at fashion for life. This is one of the outfits they sell there and also at their mainstore. The suit is made for men but it suits women as well. And it does not use the skirt layer as some tuxs do. Very nice is the idea of selling lots of different versions of the top. There are versions of the jacket without the tie and the shirt and also with the tie in many different colours. So the jacket fits always to the dress of the one you are going out with. Or you just buy the fatpack which contains all versions.
These three shirts are also items form M Design. They are also for men but they are textured in a way which fits both genders. They are very comfy and come on all layers. The grey one on the left is one a donation item for relay for life. Fashion for life will end at the 22th so hurry to shop there.
fashion for life shirts

Suit: M Designs Menswear Dark Grey Formal Suit Fat Pack (688$ or one colour 488$)
Shirts: M Designs Menswear 3 Tone Shirt (138 $ each) (the grey one is sold for 78$ at fashion for life)

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  1. I LOVE how you covered this! Brilliant! Thanks for the blog!