Saturday, March 26, 2011

The conspiracy

When they met they were allready in a hurry. They were a strange group. A neko, an elf, an android and the one who looked human was a dragon in disguise. She seemed to be the weakest but she was the leader and her demanding needs were the reason for their meeting. The dragon only wanted two things and she did everything to get those things. Manipulating, stealing and if it was needed she also begged. She even founded that group with her three helpers. It was not really clear why they helped her. Maybe because they always had a good laugh when they told her fantastic stories about how they got the cookies she wanted so much. The truth was the three nondragons had visited a bakeing course together and while one distracted the dragon the other two made cookies and invented a good story for her.
makeing plans
Milli, the owner of no strings attached is back in second life and creative as always. So she made this pose for four. Its a four for one pose for the picture I unlinked the poseballs and moved them so that the hands fitted then linked them again. That was pretty easy.
The outfits being used for this picture mainly are created by 22769. Manuel - the neko - wears the open baggy pants outfit. It is as the outfit Paco - the elf - wears in the jaunty sale. A 49$ sale for dudes which is currently going on. The open baggy pants come with a smily bulge and the shirt on all layers. The dropped pants outfit paco wears comes with a sweater which is bound around the hips. The boxers have also a bulge and the pants are sculpted. The dragon wears an outfit from 22769 which is sold in the locker room. Its called lush in leather and comes with a top and leatherpants in a jeans cut. Also included in the set is a leatherjacket. L1L4 the blue haired android wears the sadness coat from davinel.

The Jaunty sale ended yesterday but as the owners of 22769 on vacations this weekend the items might be still sold for that price.
Paco: 22769 JAUNTY SALE outfit 2 - dropped pants outfit (49$)
Manuel: 22769 JAUNTY SALE outfit 1 - open baggy outfit (49$)
Dagmar: 22769 LOCKER ROOM outfit "Lush in Leather" (80$)
L1L4: Davinel - Ferocious - Sadness Coat (0$)

Pose: 'NSA' - All For One

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