Friday, March 25, 2011


Igraine was into magic. Her library was huge and growing. And so was her knowledge. She spend ages on reading and testing. Always under the knowing eyes of her rolemodel Marie Laveau. One day she found a book she had not seen before in her library before. It seemed to be the key to ultimate power. The rites took ages but she managed to get everything she needed for them.
Marie Laveau was very content with her new body.
classical relaxed
Cogoo made this cute capri pants. They come in three versions. The texture always look like they would be made of a more rough cotton. All of them come with sculpted sleeves. The colours are very calm and even at the camo paint one looks like it could be worn by a housewife for working in the garden. They go well with the vests and jackets from a:s:s. Those are unisex so they fit men and women. they could be worn either over a shirt or without something under them.
Top: A:S:S - January cardigan - Black (60$ or 500$ for a fatpack with 12 colours)
Trousers: [[[COGOO]]]Cotton Trousers (180$)
Top: A:S:S - January cardigan - Crimson (60$ or 500$ for a fatpack with 12 colours)
Trousers: [[[COGOO]]]Cotton Trousers (180$)
Top: A:S:S - Cotton vest - black (65$ or 350$ for a fatpack with 10 colours)
Trousers: [[[COGOO]]]Cotton Trousers (180$)

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