Friday, March 25, 2011


Today i'm inspired by the new released boots at Skifija, which have a very Gothic feel about them. Also i've been waiting for an opportunity to wear this amazing outfit from World's end which is a free group gift , also so is the hat, and if you must know the picture was also taken at worlds end which is a totally inspiring magical creation. A must visit place if you ask me , but now i'm giving away all my little secrets aren't I?

And so the secret was no more 
the secret's secret was within 
and out with became a treasure
a treasure to behold

Hair: L$179 Tuesday hair - B&W silver > Magika
Eyes: Free group gift -  Black doll > Les petits details
Outfit: Free group gift includes dress , gloves, stockings , chocker & shoes ( shoes not worn ) >  Worlds end
Boots: L$149 Iron will ankle boots ( or buy on the market place for L$99 ) > Skifija

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