Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hunting at the Starlust

I have to admit, the Starlust hunt annoyed me. I needed ages to find the hearts which have been hidden all over the starlust sims. But it was worth to do the hunt. It starts at the Starlust Motel Here are some of the gifts. As you get a notecard with landmarks after having finished the hunt i won't add any slurls to the items from the Starlust hunt.

This is the hunt gift from tomoto.
Top : Tomoto : Red Packet Hunt #12 - tomoto
Trousers: The Stringer Mausoleum's Starlust Valentine
Shoes: Ingenue :: Audrei :: Be Mine (Starlust Hunt)
Dress: tomoto: flifla - starlust hunt

Here some more Outfits i did get in the Starlust hunt and some other valentines things. I used the shoes from Ingenue for all pictures. They are great. Normaly those shoes of those kind look like crab on my avatar but those fit perfectly.

Left: Touche' SmexiSweater Dress - Burgandy's
dress: (Elate!) : Sam (Happy Valentine's Day!) (subscriber gift i think i had it suddenly in my inventory)
socks: _*Sisters*_'s Starlust Valentine: Pink eyelet socks
Right: Hucci's Starlust Valentine

This skin reminds me somehow on kiss. The plant is also from the starlust hunt.

skin: {PEACHES}'s Starlust Valentine
dress: Thimbles's Starlust Valentine LADY's
Top and Toy: Mr Tentacle's Starlust Valentine
Trousers: [ glow ] studio - baggy pants - vintage flowers pink .png

Top: Twosome's Starlust Valentine
Trousers: [ glow ] studio - baggy pants - vintage flowers orange

This skin is fun. But i do not really know when to wear it best.
skin: Pie Hole Love Cuts Female
outfit: Pig's Starlust Valentine Lady's Gift

The tattoo is kind of naughty and so is the underwear.

Outfit: Schadenfreude: Really Tacky Underthings
Tattoo: Stinkeye : *Slippery When Wet tattoo*

And a late hint. Go to Mystic Sky and have a nib at the lucky dip to get that gown.
Gown: Mystic Sky : Belladonna Gown: Ruby (Lucky Dip til 14th of February)

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