Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bookthrowing training

Trying to through a book as wide as possible. Just to know how wide i could through a book in case i secretly read one i shouldn t read and need to get rid of it quickly.Dress: OoEas! Cocktails and Lace Minidress (Amaretto) (0 Linden Midnight mania)

OoEas must have changed their midnight mania board the day i blogged their tops so im sorry if anybody tried to win them. But now you have the chance to win this hot dress instead of the basic tops.

They also have those cute dresses on the midnight mania board. Its a pack in three colours and they are all sexy. And that short that a smallish person could wear high boots with them.
Dresses: OoEas! Racer Back Minidress in Poptart, Cream and Lime green (0 Linden Midnight mania board)

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