Friday, March 1, 2013


Sisters, sisters. There were never such devoted sisters. There never were indeed. Devotion didn't mean however, that you had to get on all of the time.

wc6 WC4
Nine months was a long time to be in such close confines as they had endured, and the years that followed conspired to keep them together.
Mostly they could have some fun. Each enjoyed her own style, her own look above the others. They would always be as negative versions of each other, two sides of the same coin.
WC8 WC5 What's that?
Back with a bang you say?
Hells yes.

S u g a r   is back, with some truly beautiful items available at the Whore Couture2 event, which began today! Two brand new skins, shown here, are a departure from the highly stylised skins of the past, with their built in feature makeup. Those suited me down to the ground - but I will willingly admit they wouldn't have been everyone's idea of what they could wear. These on the other hand are beautiful in their simplicity. Stunning textures shown here in the two looks available - they would suit just about anyone.

The blonde sister is wearing :Sugar: [1] LB Bay / Naked Truth{1} Crease & Clevage a light browed skin with pale makeup. This is the palest of the five tones available.
The raven haired sister is wearing  :Sugar: [5] DB Bay / InK {1} [Teeth]  a dark browed skin with smokey black eye makeup. This is the darkest of the five tones available.
Light, Dark and Red brow options come with each skintone, along with the Crease, Cleavage and Teeth variables - in all their combinations - and you also get the body mods pack - containing blush, freckle options, dimples, hairbases and moles!
Skin HUDs are available for each skintone to match your Lola's Tango Mesh Bewbs - (this is my first attempt with these bad boys!) and once you get the hang of it, and have them fitting right - I hope you agree they look pretty phenomenal.

Also shown, each sister is wearing the :Sugar: Bra & Panty set, In [Fuzzy Love] and [Lick my Lolly]. These sets, available at Whore Couture2 in several designs also come along with Lola's Tango appliers!

Finally - for now - are the :Sugar: Mesh Glitter Gun Rings  These have been reloaded *snicker* in bright colours, and come with a HUD so you can change their colour, and also the colour you want for the clip. Sneaky hint here - if you want different colours on each hand - wear one with the HUD - set it how you like, detatch, wear the other hand, set as you like, remove the HUD, and wear both sets. Bazinga. Glittery goodness for you fingers in a plethora of brights.

You can find Whore Couture 2 (keep trying till you can get into the jam packed sims)
and here...

Other items shown here
Hair :  Magika [03] Give  L$ 250
Beach house :  [What Next] Coastal Loft Skybox  L$ 125
Window Pose Set : *MP* In The Window (Pose Prop)  L$159
Bed  :  Lisp   Mathilde BedV2   500L

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