Friday, January 31, 2014


The wind made slight sounds while blowing through the leaves. But there was an other sound, the soft sound of creaking old moss covered twigs. For a moment the sound stopped and a woodden hand reached out to pick up a leaf which had fallen into the water. The leaf was turned to the side and bathed in bright white light for a moment then it started to age quickly until only crumbs of soil rested on the bark. The sound of the slow steps started again. They moved over to a tree then the being started to collect seeds.
After a while it seemed to be satisfied with the loot and went on. It bent over and started to poke one of it's long fingers into the ground until the digged hole was big enough for one of the seeds. Apparently it was searching for a fitting spot to plant the just obtained seeds. With every seed it planted it seemed to move slower and also the light in the middle of it's body seemed to glow less bright. Until it completely stopped to move. For some moments it stood completely still then suddenly there was a movements. The toes grew until they started to root in the ground. The light inside the being started to glow again and life returned to it. Until it started to continue it's path through the forest taking care of the trees.
The Tinderlings from Cerridwen's Cauldron remind on golems made of wood, eventually driven by the sigil on their forhead. They are complete mesh avatars with the posibility to adjust some of their features, for example the colour of the sigil, their eyes and also of the light in their inside. They are materials ready and it is possible to choose between several kinds of textures for the eyes. The hud which is being used to make those changes also allows to form the hands to fists and to decide if the included particle effects should be used or not. The sounds of the Tinderlings is an other speciality of those avatars. When moving they sound like twigs hitting on each other in the wind and when chatting there is the sound of wind blowing through the forest. The Tinderlings will be available in three different versions: Forest Tinderlings, Mushroom Tinderlings, and Boreal Tinderlings . Each of those is available in the size of an average avatar and a tiny.
Avatar: Cerridwen's Cauldron: [CC] Forest Tinderling Avatar (Release Date 1st Feb. 2014)
Poses: Purple Poses
Location:  Cerridwen's Cauldron

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