Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Secret Affair - Game of Thrones

For many years she had studied in the darkness. It was in the darkness after all, that the lord of light held sway. This was known, to those with the wit to see it, a truth as plain as any other; shadows could not exist without light. Light came to her in many guises, all borne of fire. Candle flames fascinated the young. All were warmed and fed from the kitchen hearth. The old, when their time came, journeyed into the realm of the dead through the funeral pyre. As the war progressed, and she played her part, wondrous new possibilities were laid out before her. Wildfire. Her sigil, the ruby red stone always at her throat shimmered now, green as grass, a tribute to her desires. Having felt the power, all she wanted was to set the world ablaze.
Across the seas, in desert stretching further than any eye could see, the displaced princess walked. In her mind, she was princess no longer, no more was she Khaleesi. These things had passed as she took on her new role, the one which she knew would last her the rest of her life, and carry her to the heights of ambition. As the eggs cracked, splintering stone cherished through centuries for its beauty, her children had emerged. She had learned from the decline of her family, had seen great cities fall under the blade of her husband and had made mistakes of her own. In her hands she now had the power to take the world for her own, and she intended to take it. 4
5 Far up in the North the snows shifted beyond the wall. The closest noble house had the saying 'Winter is coming'. It was true, and it was a lie. Winter would always come to those in the South eventually. High up in the wilds, it never ended. Eternal cold hardened those who lived in it just as the baking sun burned weakness from the wandering tribes of the desert. Adaptation made these people seem uncouth, even feral to those accustomed to living in comfort, with all they could ever need within arms reach. Such imperious beliefs could not go on forever unchallenged. There was beauty and strength in the wilds, and with the first snows of true winter floating toward the south they would come to challenge all. 6

Anyone else who got as absurdly excited about the fourth season premiere of Game of Thrones as I did this week, should get themselves along to the GoT themed gacha event at The Secret Affair. It runs until the 30th April. Select high quality designers have some amazing items in gachas, also some available to purchase direct. As ever, I've gone for a mixture of both. (I didn't even show here all I bought - there wasn't room!)
The Secret Affair - Game of Thrones Event

Gown - . a i s l i n g . Qarth Lady -Black-  L$ 450
Beautiful MESH gown, HUD driven, with options for the fabric and colours for the metal sections. The fabric 'tails' from the shoulders are also changeable, from solid to near transparent opacity.
Choker - !dM deviousMind "Melisandre" Choker **EMERALD** L$ 50 (Gacha)
Choker has options for changing metal colour.

Crown - Alchemy - Mother of Dragons -  ULTRA-RARE  L$ 100  (Gacha)
Outfit - DRD Death Row Designs -  Targaryan Blue and Bloody - L$100
Dragon - YumYums - Baby Draegon (Hornwood) - L$ 50 (Gacha)

Gown - Peqe - Throne's Game_The North  L$ 380
Another beautiful MESH gown. The shine on the 'metal' belt is outstanding. 
Crown - [Keystone] Wilding Crown L$ 50

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