Saturday, December 27, 2014

Santa's Littlest And Latest Helper

She had wound up the alarm clock... and she overslept. She overslept, and she missed Christmas! How could Santa distribute all the surprises without her help...? The littlest and latest elf was flapping her wings as quickly as she could. She didn't want to miss New Year's Eve, too... someone had to deliver those champagne glasses, and the good wishes, after all.
Santa's Littlest And Latest Helper
I wouldn't have ever thought that I might become a Petite in SL. Yes, I found them amazing from the very first moment they appeared, and the incredible precision and care of the creators who decided to give these charming critters dresses, hair, houses and even pets, enchanted me even more. Yet... despite all the charm, I've never owned a Petite. Until now.
The person responsible for my Petite-zation is Yuna Yuadl, a "happy bunch of pixels" and an old friend, who merrily frolicked around in SL for years, then - suddenly and to my greatest surprise - she's become a creator, and an excellent creator of Petite outfits and accessories at that. The outfit I'm showing here is her work, and I cannot properly do justice to it. All the detailing... microscopic, elaborate and amazing. My Petite has a shoulder pet, a tiny yet perfect robin, that holds an even tinier gift box in its beak, AND the gift box is decorated with holly leaves and berries! Just imagine!
... and when I realised I needed an avatar for this wee gem, I poked Alia Baroque and asked for his advice as to where to buy one. He answered he didn't have advice for me, only avatars... and promptly dumped a huge box on me, so now I'm a proud Fallen Gods Petite Royale! Yuna, Alia, thank you so very much for this experience. You're wonderful and generous friends.

Belt, bows, wreath, pixie collar with bell, fangs, robin shoulder pet, staff: part of the "Petite Holy Leaf" outfit by Ankle Biters - 750 L$ (the outfit also contains a pair of long ears with white glowdrop, a lace mask, a long skirt, a tail, a pair of wings, a special Ankle Biter HUD cam, and some tiny red and green twinkling lights, so you may combine the various items in dozens of ways).
Armbands, anklets, tail, long ears with red glowdrop, wings and eyelashes: part of the female Christmas group gift by Ankle Biters - 0 L$ and it's free to join the group.
Avatar: "Royale Petite" in Pale by Fallen Gods Inc. - 1500 L$
Hair: "Orion" in Iceberg by Wasabi Pills - 110 L$ for a colour pack of five.
Eyes: "Serial Pierce Eyes" in Beam by The Stringer Mausoleum - an old hunt gift not available any more.
Pose: "Enchanted Moon" by !Musa! - this pose was a Fantasy Faire special in 2013, but if you visit Filomena Quinnell's shop, I'm sure you'll find a similar one among her pretty and reasonably priced (30 L$) poses.

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