Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Evil Cupid - Happy Valentine's Day!

For quite a long time Amorella had suspected that Eros had some beef with her. He gave Amorella the most impossible assignments ever... “See this Canadian woodcutter? His destined bride lives in Calcutta, she sells mobile phones. Make these two meet somehow, and make them fall in love, chop chop!” – Amorella angrily imitated Eros’ high-and-mighty manner of speech. Then a cunning and wicked smile broke on her tiny pink lips and she licked her sharp little fangs. She picked an arrow and she dipped the tip into a black jar that contained some indescribable dark liquid. “It’s your turn now to fall in love, dearest Eros. I hope you’ll like your destined bride. She’s a bit old and ugly, even for a Harpy... but nothing can stand in the way of true love, huh?” – Amorella murmured and flew off to look for her demanding and fussy boss.
Evil Cupid
Saint Valentine’s Day is around the corner for both Petites and biggies, and if you’re a Petite you should celebrate All Lovers Day wearing this elaborate and incredibly cute outfit by Ankle Biter! Yuna is always Yuna (to our collective luck), so you can safely count on the usual lovely detailing, the hallmark curly tail decorated with a couple of redbreasts in love this time, sparkler add-ons and jewellery pieces, a bow and a quiver, a long and a short skirt, a floating personal pet Cupid... what else do you need to play Love Goddess? Nothing, am I right?

Outfit: "Red Velvet Cherub" by Ankle Biter – 795 L$.
Avatar: "Royale Petite" in Pale by Fallen Gods Inc. 1500 L$
Hair: "Orion" in Iceberg by Wasabi Pills 110 L$ for a colour pack of five.
Eyes: "Serial Pierce Eyes" in Beam by The Stringer Mausoleum an old hunt gift not available any more.
Pose: "Tacklin' Ya" by Olive Juice – this pose is not available any more, but a few sitting poses from the "Grounded Men" series look quite similar.

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