Saturday, June 26, 2010

Art & Gowns

Titania told me today about those three gowns and as i do not know how long they will be available i ll blog then quick and dirty.
For the opening of 5th avenue there are three art gowns as gift available.
They all have very special textures. For example this black one with red flowers.
Gown: Paris Metro: Artist A.Tamatzui Gown (0 Linden)

This one is golden but the skirt reminds me more on flames than on a dress.
Gown: Paris Metro: Artist JP.Hamelin Gown (0 Linden)

This one reminds me on water. I love the textures at the bottom of the skirt.

Gown: Paris Metro: Artist Kyrss Holmer Gown (0 Linden)
Poses: NSA : Posey poses (150 Linden per set)

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