Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gown alarm

Vampires are often rather old so they are smart enough to wear a red gown at their wedding. So the food isn`t visible if it drops onto the dress. The gown is big, red and comes with a resize script. The textures are very well made.
Gown: Lyn's-finale-Dark : Elfenground*Vampire Bride* (0 Linden)

This blue gown is from a store on the glance sim. The collar is rather elegant.

Dress: Angel Dessous -Gift - (0 Linden)

This dress is very elegant and playful. And its pink. Its an other gift from the glance sim. The pose is from del may.
Dress: :: PM :: PurpleMoon Free Gift * Pink Orchid Dress (0 Linden)

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