Friday, August 12, 2011

Crystal flowers

It was always hard work to get the dreamflowers. She had to manage to dream herself to them. She was a great dreamer but this was a really difficult task. Those dreamflowers only grow in dreams which contained nothing but them. So she had to manage to imagine emptyness. It was one of the hardest task for a dreamscout but she knew how important it was that the wizzards always had enough of those plants. They were the most important ingredient in the spells which healed broken hearts.
Crystals and free clothes
The Looking Glass have always a gift hidden somewhere on their sim. This month its a set of crystals. The ones from the picture which look like plants belong to this gift. They are well made and not primmy. The set contains five crystals. The gift is hidden somewhere on the looking glass sim. You could find the hint to find the gift in the little town on the same sim. The sim is really beautiful so it is fun to search there and there are some groupgifts available as well. House of Fox takes part in the current For the Love of hunt. In this one the participating stores set one of their items on 1L$. The jumper on the picture is this item from said store. The primparts include an resizescript and the textures are very pretty. The boots are a current groupgift from Tainted. They also come with a resizescript. I like all the leatherbands on them. The necklace is an other freebie. I won it on the Southpaw lucky chair.

Crystals: Crystal Cave Rocks - The Looking Glass Gift (0 L$ hidden somewhere on the sim)
Jumper: House of Fox [VintageJumper] (1 L$ For the Love of Hunt)
Boots: {::.Tainted~Love~~Boots .::} {Black} (0L$ groupgift - they are in the old groupnotices)
Necklace: Southpaw: Storm Diamond Pendant (0 L$ Lucky chair)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Ryoko Hair (250 L$ for one colour 1500 L$ for the fatpack)

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