Sunday, August 7, 2011

[brothers of gloom]

When the lovely Miss Nuuna Nitely released her latest male skin, the 'Ellivu', I knew that I needed to have it - come what may! I'm still not quite sure if it was the sharp contrast between black and white that attracted me, or the fact that it looks so gorgeously gloomy; I've always had a fetish for bones and anything related, and this is what you get here: lots of delicious, beautiful bones all over the place (errr, skin).

[brothers of gloom]

In combination with the 'tunnel eyes' from {nestle my bosom} you can easily achieve the look of some nasty, walking dead that's been brought back to life by an experienced voodoo priestess seeking for revenge - and who needs nipples in that case, anyway?

And psssst... ladies, there is a female version available as well!

Skins: +Nuuna+ - Ellivu male (both skins in one pack for a mere of 250 L$)
Hair: :KM: - Mash Wolf No1 (streaks are colourchange)
Eyes: {nestle my bosom}- tunnel eyes (no longer available)

Pants: [ Cynful ] CapeyoJeans - white and black