Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tiger Falcon battles the insane robots

Tiger Falcon turned around to figure out the source of the sound. She was just on the way home. Her day had been filled with sounds like that and it seemed it wouldn t be over yet. Since the morning she had been fighting against evil robots. It was every year the same sometime in september most robots became crazy. Many research teams tried to figure out why that happened but it seemed like there was no real explantation. The answers were the usuall ones. Some supposed it would be caused by the government, others supposed extraterrestrial influences.
hearing the robot
Tiger Falcon just fought. Sometimes she thought that the whole rest of the year was nothing but training for those days in september. The team she belonged to was called the glorious. It was the oldest superhero team in the whole town. It existed for nearly 100 years. Some people were so naiv to believe that Tiger Falcon and the other teammembers didn't age. But of course they were wrong. She was a clone as all her fellow teammembers. This did not make her less efficient than the fist Tiger Falcon. But as she was created to be a superhero and not a hero by choice she dreamed of a different life. Tiger Falcon wanted to be a chocolatier. She was seldom allowed to eat chocolate but she was quite surprised to recognize its spell on the crazy robot. While she slept she pondered about the fact that the robot smelled like chocolate. When she wasn't fighting during the next days she tried to find out if other crazy robots had the same smell and there really seemed to be a patern. Those who had even the faintest smell of chocolate on them were the ones which were crazy. At the end she found out that some robots had to help every year to test chocofigures. The many flavours in the sweet made them go crazy. With this knowledge it was finally possible to stop the anual robotriots and Tiger Falcon wasn't needed anymore. Of course she could have stayed a superhero but she prefered to become a chocolatier.
ready to fight the robot
The 5th steampunk hunt is going on this month. Of course 22769 also takes part in this round of the hunt. They created two steampunkish hero outfits. One for men and one for women, which is the one on the pictures. The textures of the outfit are lovely. I like especially the ones on the coat. When the avatar moves the coat floats around it. On the front the coat is closed with a belt which is laced at the back. It is possible to mod the primparts. The outfit goes well for superheros and might be fun at a hero themed party. I found it tricky to decide which shoes to wear with it but choosed at the end the ones from bax.

Outfit: 22769 ~ vintage phoenix (0 L$ Steam the hunt 5 gift)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Ryoko Hair (250 L$ for one colour 1500 L$ for the fatpack)
Boots: BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather (875$)

The pictures have been taken at s.i.c. . The fitting music for this blog entry is of course this song: the flaming lips : yoshimi battles the pink robots.

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