Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A quick tea break

OH! do I love this pose and being British nothing suits better than a nice cuppa tea!. Ok i'm a traitor and only drink peppermint tea, but we can still solve anything over a nice cuppa. Anyway at this time of year there's nothing more important than taking time to relax, and when it's my time to relax I find nothing eases the pressures than a bit of retail therapy in SL it's far less stressful than RL. So here are some of my lovely finds to share with you.

Hair: 100L - Ken - black > [kik]

Skin: 0L - Stardust porcellain - Where is ...Hunt item (look for the pink star) > Al Vulo

Dress: 0L - My black cable knit sweater - Where is...hunt? item (look for the pink star) >

Coat: 100L - Houndstooth coat - it's for men & transferable but I edited it & now it fits perfect - by 22769 @ > The black market

Boots: 25L - Absinth V0.7 winter > Skifija

Tights: 1L -  asian stocking set  > Awram viie

Belt: 89L - Jd black belt with rings by JD designs @ > XYROOM

Pose: 76L for 6 poses - but where is the ....? > Love Me Brutal

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