Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A space oddity...


It had been a long day alright, with lectures and seminars, then time in the research library, all before the hours volunteering at the planetarium. Even after the long days work Estella could lose herself in the stars, tracing their paths across the manufactured sky, enlightening those who came to see the show. Educating without ever boring, her passion for the subject shone through. As happy to talk through complex theories as she was to create stories to inspire young minds about other worlds, but now her day was done, it was time to sleep.
Closing her eyes, the world never went away, rather it opened up into her dreams.
Transported across lightyears to where she felt free, she would dance through the cosmos. Stepping lightly on belts of meteors, she could move without gravitys restriction, tails of comets brushing through her hair as she gazed on sights unseen. Planets passed by as she traced the orbits of moons, learning things about the universe and herself that she could never explain. Worlds everywhere would turn, as would those on them, in their dreams. Estella would stay here as long as she could, galaxies spiralling in her eyes.

Scene 1
Hair: Magika   Early (Mesh) L$250
Glasses :   +REDRUM+ Nerd Glasses - Blood Red L$49
Outfit : +REDRUM+   Monday - Ice blue bratop and knickers - part of the 7 days underwear set  L$79
Eyes :  ~*By Snow*~ Bioluminescent Eyes (Black - L) L$25
Skin : S u g a r : -C- :3: Bound Pretty - currently unavailable
Tattoo :  Garden of Ku   Tattoo Neo3  Forbidden Planet  L$300
Bed  :  Lisp   Mathilde BedV2   500L

Scene 2
Top :  +REDRUM+ Nerd Crop Top (Mesh - 5 sizes)  L$49
Bottoms : +REDRUM+ Galaxy Leggings (Mesh - 5 sizes) pack of three designs L$169

I love the blue geeky look so much!

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