Saturday, January 19, 2013

Zombie Rock

Some had said death was the end... There were even songs written about it. Others knew better, and of course, now there had been some songs written about that too. The Reaper was not someone to fear. The transition wasn't always pleasant, and the food took a bit of getting used to, but still...
zombie1 Out in the backwoods, she was away from one spotlight, the one she had chased in her life before, but there had been another ready and waiting. Once the cities had fallen, the new undead needed fresh prey. Fear motivated reprisals from those still alive on other continents had laid waste to much that remained after the initial fires, leaving few around worth the chase in the rubble of vast metropoli. Out here in the wilds, people still needed entertainment. Far from the shuffling undead most people had come to expect from countless films, these... people.. they could move. They could dance. Some could sing. The crowds would gather at twilight, and sometimes near dawn. Before or after the hunt, to set sluggish pulses racing or to celebrate. Thudding from the decrepit generator, powering the whole event, kept added its irregular beat as her hand gripped the mic stand. The crowds would go wild, it was just in this new world, the arms rising to wave in the air as she sang would not always belong to those waving them...

Hair :  /Wasabi Pills/ Amandine Mesh Hair - Jungle (Nature colourpack L$250)
Tattoo : +REDRUM+ Black Stars Tattoo L$89
Bullet wounds :   +REDRUM+ Bullet Wounds  L$19
Top : +REDRUM+ Witch Tank MESH Ladies L$99
Jeans : +REDRUM+ Slime Leopard Jeans MESH L$99
House :  Pandemonium: Dilapidated Villa - No Mod Version  L$250
Pose Microphone :  (*chanimations  Fetish Cabaret set 27 (standingMicrophone) L$450

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