Monday, April 1, 2013

Well Done Bun Bun

Well Done Bun Bun

He was exhausted. He had supervised the colouring of about six and a half million eggs... and before that, he had had to talk millions of anxious mother hens into surrendering their future brood for a nobler purpose. Oh my... luckily, he spoke Hen fluently. Then the manufacturing of chocolate bunnies, what a headache. His hired workers, some dumb elves from Santa’s factory on vacation, wanted to make each and every chocolate bunny to his image, like they did with the chocolate Santas in wintertime. What a personality cult... he had always known good old Claus loved adulation, but the extent of the man’s vanity, experienced from close, was astounding. “I’m so glad Easter is over!” – he thought. “Being the Easter Bunny is no fun at all. Carrots, on the contrary, definitely are.” He lowered his front paws so that he was on all fours, like a cute ordinary bunny should be, and he happily hopped away, towards a nearby orchard. He was free for one more year. He felt one lucky hare.
Happy Easter, everybody! :)

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