Saturday, April 6, 2013

I Am Aries

Her head ached. More than that… her head wanted to explode with pain. But what can you expect when you’re after the umpteenth attempt to break through a door by – literally – ramming it? There were times when she actually hated her job, albeit the profession she chose fitted her perfectly. There were times when she felt like fish in the water... now that was a mixed metaphor, she thought a second later, given that she wasn’t fish. She was ovine, with a pair of beautifully curling horns, and sheep seldom swam. “Ooohh... it’s starting again!” – she was silently howling as the dolour hit her forehead one more time. “An hour, maybe an hour and a half, and my shift is over!” – she thought thankfully, and she gave in to the excruciating pain.
I Am Aries
The soldiers had been attacking the castle relentlessly, for days and days. They used a battle ram to bring down the main gate. The heavy instrument broke into pieces but not before it smashed through wood and iron, allowing the conquerors to pour in the fortress. The siege was over, the weapons were dropped for a while, and nobody cared about a destroyed battle ram lying in the moat.

I might have mentioned now and then that one of my absolute favourites among SL avatar creators is doubtlessly Alpha Auer. Now you have a unique opportunity to stock up on her wonderful beings for a ridiculous price reduced by 50 %, as 30 full avatars from the main collection will be permanently removed from the inworld store, and after April 7th they will only be available at the SL marketplace. You still have a long, long weekend to shop, so visit alpha.tribe.island, it’s definitely worth it!

I am Aries IRL so I visited the current Zodiac event, dedicated to my sign, with extra curiosity. I didn’t regret the trip, as the spectacular horns by *BOOM* would make any ovine truly proud of being fiery, headstrong and smart. :) 

Avatar: “Crop Circles” by alpha.tribe – special discount price until April 7th (375 L$)

Horns: “I am Aries” in Gold by *BOOM* - special offer at the Zodiac Event until April 14th (199 L$)

Hair: “Madam Pompadour” in Black by Vita’s Boudoir - 200 L$

Eyes: “Feral Eyes” in Ginger by Sterling Artistry – a previous hunt gift now available for sale (65 L$)


  1. It is I who must thank you for these amazing avatars. Please don't you ever dare consider going out of business! :D