Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Asasara was thirsty. Her scales were drying out slowly, yet with a deadly certainty. She knew she needed fresh blood, and very soon... but, in order to quench her thirst, she needed to find a suitable fountain and, in order to find a suitable fountain to sate her craving, she needed to shift shapes and become a desirable human. Preferably a human female. Asasara shivered and reached out for her magic staff, coiled her tail around the long handle, and heaved a long sigh. 
Sssznake She so hated being a human... all those complicated limbs, arms and legs that one had to coordinate in order to move around. The thin, defenceless skin... Asasara preferred her sinuous reptile body and the brilliant scales to any other shape or form, but what could she do? She had to survive. Asasara quietly started hissing the chants required for the ritual, and sadly listened to the first cracking noises coming from her bones that foretold the imminent transformation.

I’m happy that, in a single blog post, I can show you so many wonderful goodies from so many SL designers whose work I admire a lot. The deadlines are short, yet I do trust many of you can visit the shops and special events before they close... especially because the prices are practically nonexistent.
Skin: “Blood Snakes” by Fallen Gods Inc. – made for the current Genre event dedicated to Goth style, until April 12th (100 L$).
Eyes: “Feral Eyes” in Ember by Sterling Artistry – camping prize from the shop (0 L$).
Hair: GankeD. I am so sorry that Misti Merriman is definitely out of business in SL. Until recently she had some stuff available on the SL Marketplace but now it looks like she’s wound up that, too.
Outfit: “Cersei” in Pink by Evie’s Closet – for the special sale at Adore&Abhor that celebrates the 5th anniversary of the shop in SL, until April 16th (75 L$).
Jewellery: “Paparazzi III” in Red by Chop Zuey - Swag Bag gift at the Event Hollywood, until April 14th (0 L$).
Staff: “Staff of Blood” by Talevin’s Designs – MM prize from the shop (0 L$). It is worth visiting Talevin’s shop every day, as the MM prizes change daily.

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