Saturday, April 13, 2013

Green Silks

She adored her new, fresh outfit. Green was her favourite colour, and she wore it whenever she could. For certain weeks of the year she donned red and gold, now and then she had white on, for a few days she was even clad in pink…. but nothing was like the silky, soft, bright green. She felt alive, blooming and splendid when she could wear her emerald dress.
Green Silks
It was May and the last light pink flowers just dropped off the branches of the old peach tree in the garden. The fresh, tender green leaves were still growing but they already foretold a glorious summer. The tree softly rustled as if it wanted to dance in the sunshine. Spring has finally arrived.

I seldom write about Gorean fashion (as in many aspects the so-called philosophy of Gor openly clashes with some of my fundamental principles in any life whatsoever), and I never participate at an event about modern clothes (please convince me about the importance of buying a pair of SL jeans when I can do that any time IRL...). Said that, I must admit I was smitten by the amazing silks and jewellery set that I found in the Event Hollywood Swag Bag offered by Kastle Rock. The topknot and the eyes are also an Event Hollywood gift, and you still have the chance to get them before this weekend is over. I picked up the skin in an Easter egg hunt that will be on for the whole month of April. There are 120 (!!) eggs waiting for you at Dark Romance until May 1st, and if you’re not into freebies... well, the place itself is worth a visit. :)

Outfit and jewellery: "Maya" Gown in Earthen by Kastle Rock - Event Hollywood Swag Bag gift (0 LS). The event is on until April 14th.
Hair: "Kate" in Black by Miss C. - Event Hollywood Swag Bag gift (0 LS)
Skin: "Elissa" by WoW Skins - Dark Romance Easter Egg Hunt gift (0 LS)
Eyes: "Image Eyes" in Branch Green by Amacci - Event Hollywood Swag Bag gift (0 LS)
Pose: Izumiya - free gift in the shop (0 LS)
I took the picture at World’s End Garden, freshly rebuilt by Lucia Genesis.

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