Monday, May 6, 2013

We Love Role-Play - Wampyre

She was beautiful. She was tall, slim and sinuous. She was queen among her subjects. Yet, she was unhappy and bitter. Who wouldn’t be, she thought, when you cannot leave your underworld realm? She was born a vampire, a lovely princess with alabaster skin and delicate ivory fangs, a creature of the night to behold and dread. Yet, his father’s rule was weakening by the day... people were becoming more courageous and inventive, they didn’t use garlic and crucifixes any more, they shot vampires with silver bullets instead. Underground Queen
His father wanted to kill three birds with one stone when he decided his daughter should marry a dwarf princeling from one of the underground kingdoms nearby. She would be safe from ruthless humans, she could avoid lethal sunlight and, last but not least, her father could forge a precious alliance with the dwarves. Under the hill she went, and there she would remain until the end of her days, which was eternity. Well, at least she was waited on hand and foot by her diligent servants... and dinnertime was close. “What did they catch for me today?” – she wondered. ”A fat peasant? An able-bodied blacksmith? Some tender little girl?” She silently licked her lips. Living underground had a pleasant side, too.
The “We Love Role-Play” event is in full swing, and I have so many beautiful creations to show you, all available for a special price in the pretty log houses at the market in Fot.

Outfit: „Rainha – Fire and Blood” by The Muses – special offer at the We Love Role-Play event (150 L$). The dress is a real bargain as the box contains two of every garment piece, one in black and one in red, so you can combine them to your heart’s content.
Skin: „Ghost” by Fallen Gods Inc. - special offer at the We Love Role-Play event (495 L$). Alia Baroque considers quite carefully if and when to release his artwork for a special price, so grab the opportunity and, of course, this beautiful skin! :)
Ears: „Young Elven Ears” by 22769 – originally the ears were available at the Fantasy Faire but, after some ruthless pestering, Paco and Manuel agreed to include them in the stock permanently available at their main shop. They are still working on the setup so please be patient for a day or two; I’ll let you know when the ears are for sale.
Eyes: “Underworld Eyes” in Obsidian by Sterling Artistry - these creepy and brilliant eyes were first offered for sale at a previous Fantasy Faire; now they make part of the ordinary stock available in the main shop (65 L$).
Hair: “Mako” by Schön – the hair was a hunt gift and it’s not available any more, but try “Ran” instead, it’s quite similar (200 L$).
Fangs: “Fangs” by ni.Ju – a freebie available in the main shop (0 L$).
Poses: “Gown” by !Musa! – I’m still using Filomena Quinnell’s lovely poses from her FF blogger pack; you can find them in her shop for 30 L$ each.

The pictures were taken in the catacombs at The Valley of Ish’nar, the location where the second part of the Key of Hope hunt is running until May 19th.

(My apologies for the shabby-looking post... my PC and internet connection are apparently on strike and nothing works properly today.)

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