Monday, June 10, 2013

Thrift Shop

I'm gonna pop some tags...
Only got 20 dollars in my pocket...
I - I - I'm huntin'...
 Lookin' for a come-up...
This is Fucking Awesome!
Arabella was of the summer. She travelled from place to place, this was one of her favourites, down by the water where everything was lush and green. Gentle tides reached along the inlet, raising and lowering the boats as they bumped up against old wooden docks. She loved to walk in the dappled sunlight, the warmth on her skin as the soft buzzing of insects surrounded her steps. Poppies would bloom in her footprints.
In the twilight of the forest Myra danced among the shadows. She beckoned to the night blooms to flower, the anemones and hellebores. Purple mists gilded the trees, prisms of light through the fine drops of dew made her skin luminesce. The fine dusting of palest blue on her eyes mirrored that of each shining orb, reflecting back the moonbeams growing brighter in the darkness. She grew strong throughout the night.

Yeah! And did I mention, YEAH! New skins from the wondermill that is Iokko at Sugar. These are brand spanking new, and, as the song at the top suggests, yours for a bargain, so you too can look fucking awesome. Depraved Nation has put together a Thrift Shop event, where amazing designers are offering some of their finery for rock bottom prices. Seriously, these are mind blowing. 

Here are just two of the FIVE new release skins from Sugar available at the event. Five tones available in each variety - with 1 being the lightest, and 5 the darkest. Each skin is just L$ 99! As per usual from the generous genius, there's Light and Dark brow options included, plus teeth and cleavage skins. Add to that the folder of skin add ons, from blushes, dimples, freckles and moles (17 options in all). Also sold separately are appliers for Lola's Tango Mesh bewbs (L$ 75), and appliers for the SLink Mesh Hands and Feet (L$ 99)! This is utterly new for me, and I'm blown away by them, I've left the final Myra picture unphotoshopped where the hand meets the arm, so you can see how minute the change is from arm to SLink Mesh Hand with the matching Sugar skin applier. These are amazing amazing!

Oops.. nearly forgot! There's also Gatchas galore, where you can find the lovely 'headsprouts' of leaves, flowers and butterflies shown here!

What could you be waiting for? If it's the other skins, they will be shown shortly. Get over there!

Arabella :
Skin :  :Sugar: [3] DB Avril XCX  L$ 99 at Thrift!
Bewb applier : :Sugar: [3] DB Avril Lola's Tango Applier L$ 75
Shape : Created and modded just for me by Slade Wilson - aren't I lucky?
Headsprout : :Sugar: Weeds Sprout - Thrift Gatcha!
Hair :  Magika Rewind  L$250
Eyes : REPULSE - Nocturnal Eyes (Green) L$ 99
Bewbs : Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts L$ 1750
Outfit : ArisAris Rig42 Chloe Lolas Tango L$ 250

Myra :
Skin :  :Sugar: [1] LB Avril - Teeth - Frosty Queen  L$ 99 at Thrift!
Bewb applier : :Sugar: [1] LB Avril Lola's Tango Applier L$ 75
Shape : As before.
Headsprout : :Sugar: Love Bug Sprout  RARE - Thrift Gatcha!
Hair : >TRUTH< Lavinia w/Roots - oasis (Colourpack)  L$ 250
Eyes : ~*By Snow*~ Bioluminescent Eyes (Light - L)  L$ 25
Bewbs : Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts  L$ 1750
Outfit :  DeeTalez - Lingerie Super Cute Set  L$ 220 - Applier L$ 100
Hands : SLink Mesh Hands (av) Relaxed M and Smoking M (Pack 2) L$ 1250
Hand applier : :Sugar: [1] LB Avril (Hand and Foot applier) L$ 99

Always forget something... after 2am... All poses shown here are from Glitterati - a fabulous store which is closing down - and selling off all poses at reduced costs. Check it out here, and I'll talk more of this in another post!

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