Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sugary goodness...

I'm gonna let these skins speak for themselves.
Due to blog standards - there are some modesty marks - but you can click through to my flickr to see the appliers in all their nerpy glory.
collar bones 1 covered
This is the new Chloe skin from SUGAR - where the wonderful Iokko has been tweaking nerps and fiddling with collarbones like a crazy person to bring about these fantastic options. The picture above is Chloe - colour tone 4 - Collarbone option 1 - Dark Brows. The picture below is the same skin, with Collarbone option 2, available as clothing layers undershirt and tattoo.
collar bones 2 covered
Then we get to the lips!
collar bones 1 strawberry koolaid juicy lips
Juicy Lips : Strawberry Kool-aid
collar bones 1 red daring lips
Daring Lips : Red
collar bones 1  grape fizz juicy lips
Juicy Lips : Grape Fizz

There are 12 colour options in the Daring colourpack, and 9 in the Juicy. All are beautiful as you can see! As a final picture from me today - SUGAR's Woeful Wednesday items!
hand Here you can see the 'Dark Alice' French manicure nail set - appliers for your SLink Mesh hands. Also the Dark Alice Lovely Bow Ring - these Woeful Wednesday Items will be out all week! Ideal if you fancy a bit of Flamingo Croquet. You can find everything listed here at the new SUGAR mainstore here.

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