Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Twisted Hunt 2014 Spring - Magick In The Make

She knew today would be the ideal day to do some magick. Already the dreams had been promising. Her protecting spirit, a mighty golden dragon, had visited her the night before. She knew her powers would soon be pouring out and flowing free. She gently moved her fingers, tentatively, and she felt the familiar tingle under her skin. Magick was accumulating in her, slowly surging, swirling, waiting to be released. Suddenly she noticed the dim light taking shape in her palms. Oh yes... an Orb of Power... she hadn't summoned one for ages. But today was the day to do some magick. She was slowly rolling the blob of energy around in her palms and she was quietly smiling.

It is Spring. Do you know how I know? Because the Spring edition of the Twisted Hunt has started today! This year the theme is "Magick", and the creators, whose shops I had the time to visit, have lived up to the expectations quite marvellously. There are more than a hundred participants in the hunt, so you must be patient if you want to collect all the gifts... and more so because there's a good reason why The Twisted Hunt is called "twisted"... so patience, fellow hunters, and good luck!

Skin: The Little Bat, "Oracle Skin", The Twisted Hunt gift (0 L$)
Eye makeup: [bubble], "Ritual Makeup", The Twisted Hunt gift (0 L$)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry, "Neko Felidae Eyes" in Look (65 L$)
Hair and tiara: LaNoir Soleil, "Miranda" hair and "Dragon Magik Helm", The Twisted Hunt gift (0 L$)
Diadem: Souzou Eien, "Celestial Sorcery Circlet", The Twisted Hunt gift (0 L$)
Gown: The Little Bat, "Oracle", The Twisted Hunt gift (0 L$)
Necklace 1: The Little Bat, "Oracle Necklace", Unlucky Dip prize (0 L$)
Necklace 2: Chaos, Panic and Disorder, "Twisted Amulet", The Twisted Hunt gift (0 L$)
Orb and pose: //elephante poses//, "Crystal Ball No.4", The Twisted Hunt Gacha prize (50 L$/play)

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